Wat zou jij het liefste willen doen (What would you really love to live for)

Wat zou jij het liefste willen doen (What would you really love to live for) is a foundation which provides a stage for children and youths. Together with its target group the foundation creates concepts, educative film programmes and workshops. Through these activities children and youths get engaged with issues that matter. Issues that interest them and are important to them. Or items they would like to know more about. As a result the children become more articulate, empowered and curious. And better able to shape their opinions. 

The foundation is periodically advised by a changing group of children and youths. The foundation seconds the Convention on the Rights of the Children as put forward by UNESCO. In 2012 we focus on the educative film programme A journey about happines. And we are happy to announce you that Linde ten Broek wrote her first children's book about loneliness and abandonment, Gina and the red bird. More than 600 children made illustrations for this book. This project is sponsored by Bruynzeel-Sakura. 
The programmes run separately ad are financed through subsidies, gifts and crowdfunding. Would you like to support us? Through advice or financially? The number of our bank account in The Netherlands is 170262898. Send us an email if you like to support us.