A journey about happiness is an educative film programme of 3 hours in which the perception of happiness is given an central role. The programme is suitable for children and youths aged 10-16 and is shaped as A lesson of happiness. During this lesson a film is shown, the participants make their own book of happiness and they film each other's story about happiness. The programme is centered around a documentary in which Nepalese children, who lived in the streets before, tell about their lives and share what happiness means to them. Moreover the participants make films of one another, which are discussed during the session. The participants can write their own experiences in exercise books and share the stories amongst each other. The programme gives inspiration and knowledge of other cultures. Moreover it offers insight into the living of children and youths living in other countriesand different circumstances. We provide 2 different programmes. Programme L and XL. If you opt for programme L you will be provided with a guidebook containing straightforward guidelines for you to independently teach the participants. Moreover you will receive a link to the film, which you will be able to use twice. This programme costs euro 175. Programme XL is taught by Linde ten Broek, movie maker and director of the foundation. In this programme the children will also be working on their own films of happiness and make their own book of happiness. This programme is suitable for groups up to 25 pupils and costs euro 350.